Come and get your Micro-blues!

The band is warming up as you and your sweetie take your seats at the bar. You order a couple of local beers and kick back as the band launches into their set. You feel your cares melt away as the sweet strains of Muddy Waters wash over you like a cool Mississippi rain. You join the other couples on the dance floor, and the band takes another chorus so you and your friends (some new, some old) can dance your troubles away.

The experience of enjoying live, local music is just like a good micro-brew. Unlike the corporate, mass-produced, pre-recorded stuff you hear on the radio, live music is produced especially for you, in the moment, with loving attention by people who do it because they love it. Just like a good local beer, live local music taps into the creative juices flowing through your community. Get out and enjoy some tonight!

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